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Student Financial Services is your primary resource for student payments, account information, and financial aid.

We are dedicated to helping you finance your future. Investing in your education is one of the most valuable decisions you'll ever make. At Jacksonville University, we're committed to being the gateway to your future success.

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Jacksonville UniversityFinancial 援助 Counseling

Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding financial aid. 在那里 are numerous ways to connect with your financial aid counselor:

  • In-Person counseling: Schedule an appointment with your financial aid counselor. 
  • Phone counseling: Schedule a call with your financial aid counselor.
  • Web/video counseling: Schedule a video call with your financial aid counselor.
  • Email counseling: Reach out to your financial aid counselor via email. Make sure to include your name, student ID, and contact information.

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Jacksonville University’s portal for financial functions.

Use 我居 to see financial awards, view and pay bills online, update your profile and manage your account.

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Financial ServicesSponsorships

While sponsorships offer a great benefit, it is crucial to be aware of the timelines and responsibilities involved. To initiate the process and ensure timely billing and funding, please notify the Student Accounts Office of your sponsorship before each semester's payment deadline. While estimates are placed on your account initially, actual amounts may vary upon receipt of funds, requiring diligent monitoring of your sponsorship. For any concerns regarding your sponsorship amount that are unrelated to your sponsor, please reach out to Chris Barber at cbarber5@making9zn.net or both Chris Barber and Kerry Boggus at kboggus@making9zn.net for VA-related concerns.


*Based on 2023 data.

14%of grad students will utilize a sponsorship during the Fall and Spring semesters.*
17%of undergraduate students will utilize a sponsorship during the Fall and Spring semesters.*

Need to complete your financial aid?

Your first step is to complete the FAFSA.

Go to your Student Self-Service Portal to access your financial aid offer notification, outstanding documents to complete 和更多的.

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We are dedicated to helping you finance your future. College is one of the best investments that you'll make in your lifetime, and we want Jacksonville University to be the key to your future success.


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